Friday, August 22, 2008

This time in two weeks I will be escaping ...

It's less than two weeks until Creative Escape! I'm getting really excited. I have all my supplies, just need to gather them and pack them up.

Last week I got a cute little welcome box in the mail - WARNING: if you're going, didn't receive your box yet and don't want to see the contents, STOP READING NOW!

My friends and I had an art day at our clubhouse a couple weeks ago. We had our own little paint can swap and everyone did such an excellent job! Check them out:

This is the one I made Rachel:

My friend Chris got me and made me a can to match the contents (UNBELIEVABLE!):

It's every girl's favorite box to see. This was inside:

What a special friend. Thanks Chris!

WW update: I'm up to 23 pounds!! It's very exciting. My pants are all much looser now. I'm going to go jeans shopping tonight so I have at least one pair that fits for my big trip.

Speaking of the big trip, it has expanded to LA! Itinerary:
8/30 STL to LA
9/2 LA to Phoenix
9/8 Phoenix to Vegas
9/11 Vegas to STL

Crazy, huh?!? What am I going to pack?!? If anyone has any recommendations for shopping, sights and/or food in LA or Vegas, let me know.

And finally, my cousin Laura had a baby girl today! YAY! Her name is Julie and I CAN NOT wait to meet her. A trip to Pennsylvania is in my future ...

luv, em

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Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club said...

Hey Emily your paint cans are a-doorbell! Love them. Anywhoodle writing to let you know that you won yourself some pens if you will email me your mailing address with pen winner in the subject line I will get them sent off pronto.

thanks for buying the book and entering the contest!