Monday, May 5, 2008

"I love John Mayer"

There's been something seriously lacking on this blog ... my adoration of this man and his music:

I believe, in all the Inspired hubub, I also somehow managed to forget to share that I have tickets to the St. Louis show in Row A, Center!!!!!!!!! Yes, I meant to type that many exclamation marks. I've seen the man at least 10 times ... I need to sit down and actually figure out the exact number.

I also met him - well, through a fence anyway.

This encounter produced one of my favorite lines ever (hence the title of this post) because when my friend Ariana met him with me, she said to him, "I love John Mayer!" ... get it? Instead of "I love you!" she said, "I love John Mayer!" ROFL! Classic.

So I'm super excited for July 3. There are lots of yummy things to come - check it out:

As far as Rachel goes, I hope it works out.

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