Wednesday, July 23, 2008

7 weeks, 13.5 pounds

Pretty thrilled that I've now lost 13.5 lbs in 7 weeks on Weight Watchers. My pants are finally looser. I wish I could fast forward a couple months to an even thinner me!

Did you see Heather Bailey's new Web site? It's fab! The colors are so yummy! I made a cart with everything in it that I wanted, then deleted a bunch of stuff out of it, and still didn't buy anything. Maybe on payday Friday. Please tell me you do this too. It's like dog-earing a catalog, kinda makes you feel like you actually got it.

luv, em

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Anonymous said...

Emily, I do this all the time, mostly with catalogues. I tear pages out with stuff I want then sit on them for a while to make sure I'm not being too impulsive. However, get me in a sb store, and I am 1000% impulsive!! they definitely see me coming!!

33 more days!