Thursday, April 10, 2008

Inspired Day One - in the books

We arrived in Charlotte via American Airlines without a hitch! Phew. We met our first Inspired peers at the airport where we all took a shuttle to the hotel. I ran down and got checked in right away and got all the mini workshops I was interested in. We got a cute green bag with some goodies inside. I bought a necklace, T-shirt and some little pins for my lanyard.

I shopped the market fair and bought a few books and some Ranger paint dabbers. I still haven't got any of my books signed yet - that's my mission for tomorrow. I wish I could remember if I bought Ali's Life Artist book at home or not! If I did, I should have brought it for her to sign. Duh.

I took a little mini-book class and a photo transfer class - both fun. Time for bed after a long day. Hopefully I can post more tomorrow. Sweet dreams, em

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RachelElsey said...

Hope your having a good time @ your workshop. You'll have to tell dawn all about it when you get back so she can relay it to me. See ya.