Thursday, April 17, 2008

Inspired: Letterman-style

The thought of blogging Inspired is kind of overwhelming to me, so I have decided to take Jilliene's approach and do a list.

Most memorable/best/favorite/unforgettable things about Inspired (in no particular order):

1. Wendy Smedley and Cathy Zielske. They were so sweet, down-to-earth and cool. They remembered me and waved hi anytime I walked past them. It just makes you feel good.

2. Tena Sprenger's class. I've been wanting to do an acrylic album forever, even bought several, but never really knew where to start. Now I don't want to do anything else.

3. Heather Bailey and her fabulous fabric. I just want to eat it, it's so yummy. We used it in Christina Lazar-Schuler's class.

4. My "Inspired" Lisa Leonard necklace. I've pretty much worn it every day since I got it. OK, I HAVE worn it every day since I got it. Annnnd ... I ordered matching earrings.

5. My DD camera wristlet. It's so dern cute I can't stand it.

6. My finished Jennifer Stewart project. This photo is before the bottles and lights, but now that it has those, I can't stop staring at it.

7. The hotel was SWEET! Grits every morning? I'm so in. Next year: Can you say spa appointment?

8. Awesome fellow artists. An otolaryngologist who scrapbooks? Wha? Sweet Sue - thank you for my first-ever ATC! Joyous Joyce and her inspiring attitude. My fabulous tablemates Mama Melissa and her BFF Traci.

9. Darling Claudine Hellmuth and my mini-me poppet that she inspired. I love it! Even though she got decapitated at Lambert Airport. So sad. She's got a little crack in her neck now but she's still cute.

10. Meeting Ali Edwards. Thank you for taking two pictures cuz the first one was fuzzy. She's just cool. Plain cool. I'm constantly amazed at the generosity on her blog - always posting the coolest projects and links. Did I say cool?

11. Bill Downey. Thank you for organizing shuttles when all us crazy women started freaking out about airport transportation. Thank you for knowing me as soon as I walked up to you the first time. Thank you for making sure my mom was comfortable, happy and busy. Thank you for spray-painting extra dress forms at 9 o'clock at night in the hotel grass.

12. Soft pretzel day. Need I say more? Brilliant, Donna, brilliant.

13. And last, but not least, Donna Downey. I love you for your "18 cats" story and your funky glasses and for ever even thinking of Inspired and for all the little details and because you're not comfortable with emotion and that you look hot in your size 10s and for stamping and stitching 200 name tags and for saying yes without hesitation when I asked if I could help behind-the-scenes next year and for yelling at me to get back in my class when you were going to do giveaways and for ... well, I guess I could go on forever. Thank you Donna, it was real.

Um, next year, could we maybe get a picture together that is IN focus?!?

Things I have learned/wish I had done/hope to do next year:

1. Get a picture with Cathy Z. What the heck was I thinking? I was distracted by her kindness in signing my book and thus missed the photo op. She's my new favorite scrapbooker. Where have I been?

2. I wish I didn't follow the instructions so specifically and had made the projects more my own. I'm so obsessive-compulsive about these sorts of things - I want it to be perfect and just like it's supposed to be. It's REALLY hard for me not to do that, but I'm always glad when I do, so next time I'm going to try SUPER hard to express myself and to interpret the concept rather than do an exact copy. Watch out Creative Escape!

3. Take advantage of more of the happy hours. Who needs dinner?

4. Not getting my Claudine Hellmuth book signed. I asked her to, but I think she got distracted after signing my Inspired manual. I just discovered it this morning. Boo.

5. No photo with Stephanie McAtee - she's the only teacher I didn't get a photo with. She kind of scared me. Kal's class was already out of the box for me, so Stephanie's just about blew my mind!

6. Be OK with the fact that I am linear (sorry Kal) and I don't like matte accents or color wash all over my fingers. Be OK with the fact that I would rather be teaching and helping to organize and plan rather than be a student. Be OK with not being able to crochet. CD, I'm so glad you can't crochet either. Props to you for sticking the class out at least.

7. I left my rose in my room. Totally forgot it. Blast! I hope the housekeeper took it home and enjoyed it.

Phew. This post doesn't even cover half of it! I haven't even mentioned Renee Pearson or getting to see Mathy's or North Carolina BBQ or all my delicious finds at the mall or ...

If you've read this far, you rock. Please leave a comment! Until next year ...

luv, em


Jennifer Stewart said...

What a great way to document your adventure at INSPIRED! You covered so much in a great format, too. And it made me smile to read that you can't stop staring at your cedar fencing project. :) Love that.

Have a relaxing weekend,
Jennifer :)

scrappinglife said...

Hey Emily, It is so cool to see other peoples posts of the event. It is like reliving such an awesome weekend. I can't stop talking about the whole experience. Way to go on getting some of the projects finished. So funny that you mention you would rather be on the organizing/teaching side - that is me to. If you want to check out my post
Keep creating and see you next year!

missy j said...

Sounds incredible! Thanks so much for sharing.

Rebecca said...

You totally rock! Thanks for sharing your experience. It was a blast, for sure. Can't wait until next year!

jen said...

thanks for sharing. i'm one of the many jen's from inspired. loved reading your take on the workshop. i can't stop looking at my cedar fence and it's not even finished yet!

jen compton

Pam in Moncton said...

Wonderful blog post! I had many of the same thoughts.

Chiara said...

Great job on finishing your Jennifer Stewart Project. Great Recap

Anonymous said...

I hope CE is half as fun as Inspired! You sound like you had a blast.

Your CE SS

tena said...

loved you recap! I am still on an "inspired high" myself! I am totally going to copy you and get some of those earrings to match my inspired necklace I haven't taken mine off either! Tena

zanne said...

Hey Emily,

I am sure if you asked Claudine and you mailed her your book she would totally sign it! She is a super sweetie!


Sooz said...

Hi Emily! Love your blog and this post on the big INSPIRED EVENT! I am still savoring all the memories and still procrastinating housework and LAUNDRY because I can't stop playing with all my new projects and techniques I learned! I know what is going on my wish list (will casually mention to my hubby!) - MATCHING EARRINGS FOR MY INSPIRED NECKLACE! Susan G. (Aimee's friend!)

Paulette said...

Emily, what a great recap... i agree is was just so perfect... you were a SMART girl to take so many pics...I on the other hand took so few!!! ( oh well, I am documenting the memories so i have those!) Thanks for sharing:o)

Stella said...

Loved meeting you in Claudine's Poppet Class. I know what you mean about the structure. I wish I was a bit more free-form as well, but now that I know the techniques, I can practice at home!! :) See you next year!

Cameron said...

Great blog, Emily! I am overwhelmed with the idea of blogging such an amazing weekend, too! :) Maybe I'll copy you, too. :)

Katherine said...

What a great blog post! I love the way you listed the important stuff! I was in Cathy's group (Z)and really enjoyed the whole weekend. I haven't taken off my Inspired necklace either and will be ordering some earrings too. What a great idea!!
Hope to see you next year!

Jilliene Designs said...

Emily! First of all, thank you so much for the nod about my top ten list. It feels so good to know that someone out there is reading my blog - I am so envious of your 16 comments!!! Second, I love your chronicle of the event. Your pictures are fabulous too! I finally got around to posting mine and it felt so good - sort of like closure. Hope you are doing great! Hugs-

Shannon Parks said...

I am totally jealous of your earrings. They are beautiful. Mine could have been better. I also love how bold your colors turned out on your ‘Life is Clearly Beautiful’ album. Yummy!

Susan Lepore said...

Hi Emily ~

I hope you get a chance to read my comment....and thanks for yours on my blog ( About Jen & Owen....they look pretty much as they do on screen (Owen always looks "messy", right?). We didn't get to meet them, but they did walk right past us several times during filming.

I love your account of Inspired! You've "inspired" me to consider attending in 2009! ;-) I too am super thrilled with acrylic albums, once I took my first class on them I was hooked.

I really look forward to meeting you at Creative Escape....until then,stay in touch....see you soon!

Enjoy the weekend,
Susan L. (in Florida)